Spain 2015 Part II – Malaga and Seville

After we went to Valencia we went camping with my friend Georgia.  It was really fun, there was a play park, a spa and there was an outdoor swimming pool.


After we went camping we went to Malaga.  It is a big town at the south of Spain.




We went into the town and went into a museum called the Alcazaba.  It is a Moorish fort.  The Moors were from north Africa and took over Spain for a long time.



Then when we got into the middle of the town we went to a Picasso museum.  I quite like him and his paintings of women.

picasso museum

The next day we went to the beach.  It was really sunny and hot so we went into the sea and I went on a flying fox.

Our last stop in Spain was in Seville.  By accident we went to a huge party called Feria.






We went very fast on a big wheel and then we went on the log flume and got all wet.

We went on our bikes to the park and found the place where Star Wars was filmed.  It was the Senators palace on Naboo.







In the evening we saw a flamenco show.  It was very good.  Flamenco is a type of dance where they stamp their feet and clap and snap their fingers.


….like this…..


Spain 2015 Part II – Valencia

After we got back from Morocco we went to an airport for Sara and Lukca to catch their flight home.  It was fun travelling with them.


We went to Valencia and we parked next to the beach and we had to go cycling to get to Valencia.  You do not have to go on the road because there’s cycle paths everywhere. We had to cycle a long distance along the prom and we also got to cycle down the dry river bed that is a park now.


After we cycled along the dry river bed we went to a science museum and we got to see eggs hatch into chicks.


You also got free sweets – you get pain from them because some of them had pepper in them.  Then we went to a play park that was meant to be Gulliver lying down and children playing on it and it had some very steep slides that give you bum burn and I made some friends and their names are Alex and Harry from Ireland.



We spent Easter with them and with their mum Theresa and dad Tom.  We played volleyball and football and had an Easter egg hunt on the beach with them.




Harry can walk on his hands.  It is cool.


I hope we see them soon in Ireland.


We went to Morocco on the ferry but we didn’t take our campervan.


It was ok except for some of the shopkeepers that try and get you to buy stuff and keep hassling you to come into their shops.


It was very cheap and one Euro is ten Dirrhums.  Dirrhums is the Moroccan money.  Its my ninth country and second continent because Morocco is in Africa.  Morocco is not much like Britain at all but it is a bit like Spain though.




We went to the Medina.  It is a market where there were lots of odd things there.

JCL_7384crop JCL_7369cropJCL_7706JCL_7582cropJCL_7395cropJCL_7350crop

We had tagine, it was cooked in a funnel pot. It had cous cous and vegetables in it.


When we went to cross the road the green man started walking faster and faster as the time went down and we had to run across the road.



We went to Gibraltar.  It is a little part of the UK in the south of Spain.  It’s really just a little town around a mountain with red phone boxes and monkeys.  We did not see any monkeys though because it rained all the time.

JCL_7278crop  JCL_7290 copy

You need pounds to pay for stuff there.  Spanish people do not like Gibraltar because they think it should be Spanish.


Spain 2015 – Part I

After the Pyrenees we went over the border into Spain.  We went to the Salvador Dali museum in Figueres.  It was really weird and stuff, he is famous because of his melting clocks.


Then we went back to Barcelona so that Lukca and Sara could see everything like the Sagrada Familia.


We also went back to Park Guell and I took lots of selfies on my tablet.

JCL_6601 copy

Then we went to the Picasso museum and the musical fountain again.  I did not mind because it is nice to be somewhere that I know and show my friends around.


We went to the science museum, it was so cool, it had a huge ice block that you put your hand on for a very long time to make hand marks.


JCL_6462 copy

After Barcelona we went to Sitges and we went to Sitges beach but the water was soooo cold, colder than last time and no dogs on surf boards there this time.

JCL_6745 copy

The next place we went was Orpessa, it was totally covered in mosaics.




After that we went to Xabia because we have not seen my friend Georgia in a long time.  The first time we met them was in a French car park.

Then we went to a campsite by the Mar Menor.  Sara said it was like a battery chicken farm and we got the pitch that looked right at every one emptying their toilets so we called it Poo View.


Today is my mum’s birthday and I hurt my ankle and it really hurt.

JCL_7165 copy


France 2015

We are in France again and we went on a bike ride beside the river Rance to Dinan.  Sara went there when she was 15.  It was a sunny day and we ate pancakes outside in the sun. 20150215_111620

We went to Ile de Rey and it rained all day, then our van broke down but it got fixed in one day. We went to the Gironde and we got our bikes out and went to a memorial about the fighters in the war and two of them survived from the Germans in an inflatable canoe. (Google Operation Franklin if you are interested)


Then we went to a science museum with video games in it and it’s in Bordeaux and it has got trams there, yay.

JCL_6247 JCL_6154crop JCL_6158crop

After that we went to Cite de l’espace.  It is nice to be there again.  We also went to the planetarium.  It was amazing seeing all the stars.


Next we went to a spa hot springs.  It was really nice and hot.


Then we went to go to the yellow train again but it started snowing sadly so we left France and went to Spain instead. JCL_6403crop JCL_6398


We went on a boat to Guernsey and on the boat I got a teddy monkey that I called Guernsey.


We are in Guernsey to go to Sara’s Mum’s birthday.  Her name is Val.  She is 79.  Then we went to a tiny chapel it was mosaic and made from cups, plates, glass, tiles and statues.


There are lots of beautiful beaches on Guernsey and on one of the beaches there was a German fort because the Channel Islands were occupied in World War Two.  We went to a museum all about it.



Sara has a sister called Nucky who has two girls called Amie and Sophie.  Amieis 17 and Sophie is 15.